• Without Battery

    Because Astari uses analog technology, you never have to charge the wearable and you are always ready to use it. Even if your phone battery runs out, that's our promise.

  • Contactless

    With our Astari wearables you can easily and hygienically make contactless payments worldwide and share your digital fishing card.

  • Certified

    Astari wearables are certified by Mastercard and are therefore subject to the highest security standards for international payment transactions.

  • Safe

    The payment process or sharing your business card is only possible with a certain hand position and with a maximum distance of 3 cm and, if you wish, in combination with your PIN code. This means you don't have to worry about skimmers.

  • Making an impact

    Because it is not immediately clear from the outside that you can pay and share your business card with these wearables, you make an impact with every action. This means that an Astari wearable has a real "Wow" factor, experience it for yourself!

  • Speed

    As a wearable owner, you no longer have to search for your payment card, telephone or business card. This allows you to get through life faster and easily pay even with full hands. "Time is money" they always say...

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Watch straps

A variety of Astari watch straps that match your look. With which you... 

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Secure payment with one tap!

Surprise everyone that you can pay with your wearable! Payment works in the same way as contactless payment with your payment card. Hold your wearable close to the payment terminal to make contactless payments. These payments are debited from your account linked to the wearable. In addition, you can set that, just like payments with a bank card, you must set your PIN code from certain amounts. This way you can choose between the best safety and convenience.

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Share your contact details with one tap!

Surprise everyone with your digital business card. The fastest and most effective way to share your contact information. Easy to set up and download, so retyping business cards is a thing of the past.

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  1. Selecteer de ASTARI wearable of wearables die bij jou passen en reken deze af. Hierna navigeer je naar de “Hoe werkt het” Pagina om te zien hoe je deze instelt.
  2. Download de Manage MII app om de wearable in te stellen, de vind je hier.
  3. Activeer je nieuwe ASTARI wearable door de stappen te volgen.
  4. In de app kun je ook alle functionaliteit aanpassen en (tijdelijk) blokkeren indien nodig.

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