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Armbanden - ASTARI®


Meet our luxurious leather payment bracelets. These sleek bracelets keep your transactions... 

Sleutelhangers - ASTARI®


Meet our luxurious leather Payment Keychain. These sleek keychains keep your transactions... 

Ringen - ASTARI®


Meet our luxurious ceramic payment rings. These sleek rings keep your transactions... 

Betalen demo Astari wearables

Secure payment with one tap!

Experience the convenience of paying with your key ring! Payment works in the same way as contactless payment with your payment card. Hold your wearable close to the payment terminal to make contactless payments.

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Share your contact details with one tap!

Share your personalized digital business card with everyone. The fastest and most effective way to share your contact information. Easy to set up, customize and add to contact list. Losing and retyping business cards is a thing of the past!

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Set up

  1. Select the ASTARI wearable or wearables that suit you and pay. After this, navigate to the “ Setup ” Page to see how to set this up.
  2. Download the Manage MII app to set up the wearable, which can be found here .
  3. Activate your new ASTARI wearable by following the steps.
  4. In the app you can also adjust all functionality and (temporarily) block it if necessary.
Setup page

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