Why did we start astari

NFC technology has had a huge impact on the present, and will play an even greater role in the future. At Astari we challenge the standard through beautifully designed products that are easy to use due to their simplicity. We do this by making the best NFC products of high quality, with a view to sustainability and our impact on the world.


Extra convenience in an elegant way

Our vision is that you should be able to easily pay contactless with your classic watch, bracelet or key ring and share your contact details. So that you do not have to buy a smartwatch specifically for this, which you have to charge over and over again. Or take all those business cards with you. Of course without ever having to charge this product, so you don't have to worry about whether you still have enough battery.


Where does our brand name come from?

The name Astari is a derivative of the name one of our stars bears. These stars were mainly used in the past to navigate to your destination. Let us help you by being the leading star for you in the field of product innovation within wireless communication technology.

We also have a lion as our logo. This lion symbolizes wanting to lead the way, which you do together with us. Moreover, we are happy to help these animals together with you where possible. Here you can read in detail how we do this.


Where are we going, and what your future looks like with our wearables.

In addition to payments and your digital business card, we will also be adding more functionalities in the coming year. This includes access control, which means you can also enter your office building or other locations with our wearables. The great thing about all this is that if we add new functionalities, you can easily upgrade your wearable via the app. So you don't have to buy a new one to enjoy all the updates.


Text and explanation

Digital Business Card

You can set this up completely according to your wishes with only the information you want. You can easily do this via the app. You will be fully guided in this, so don't worry that you won't succeed. This way you can set up the digital NFC business card but also change it whenever you wish. Then your contact person is just a tap on the phone away from your business card.


You set up payment via the app, and here you will also be fully guided on how to do this. This means there is no chance of errors. In the app you link a payment card to your new Astari wearable. Please note that your payment card is supported. You may have to use our partner Curve to link your desired payment card if your bank does not yet support this directly. After setting up, this works in the same way as you used to do this with a pin card, only now even easier.

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