Contactless payments

Experience the convenience of paying with your key ring or bracelet! Payment works in the same way as contactless payment with a payment card. In addition to providing unparalleled payment convenience for every occasion, the wearables can also be personalized so that your brand remains top of mind for customers or employees.

Share your contact details with one tap!

Make sure you stand out with a digital business card. The fastest and most effective way to share your contact information. Easy to set up and download, so retyping business cards is a thing of the past!

What else can our wearables be used for?

Access control

Our integrated technology can be applied seamlessly to provide employees or customers with access as well, creating an experience where someone can pay with a key fob, share their contact details and enter a location. What would it be like if your brand or company could offer this experience with a wearable with your brand?

Astari Achilles key fob Mastercard branded

Increased bonding of your employees/customers

When consumers use Apple or Google Pay, they lose their connection with their bank. When asked after paying how they paid, most will mention Apple or Google Pay instead of the bank. The great thing is that with a wearable (equipped with the brand) you can regain the bond with the customer.

Make more impact

Whether you pay with the wearable or share your business card, this makes much more impact. This sticks with customers and opens the door for a nice conversation.

Ahead of the Rest

If a decision is made in the short term, this gives the opportunity to stand out. A number of companies have already gone before, so being one of the first is no longer possible, but it is still possible to be among the first group of the majority who are now going to use this. So don't wait too long and schedule a meeting today to strengthen the brand.

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Astari wearables are made of apple leather, which comes from the surplus of apple peels left over from the production of apple juice. This is used to make a premium apple leather from which we make our products. This, in combination with the fact that you can continue to adjust and use this product, makes it the ideal upgrade.

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