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With every review, Astari donates an additional amount to the Lion Foundation on your behalf. Evidence of this can be found at the bottom of the page.


With every purchase of one of our consumer products, we always donate 0.5 euros of the purchase price to the Lion Foundation. The lion is central to our brand and is a fascinating animal from the big five. In this way we would like to do our part to help these endangered animals where possible. When you leave a review, it helps other customers make a good choice. In addition, through us you automatically help these lions .


Around the beginning of the common era, the lion had a much wider distribution than today. Due to targeted hunting and the disappearance of habitat and natural prey, it has disappeared from most of this. Over the past 20 years, the number of lions has declined by 40%. A relatively new threat is the hunting of lions to use its skeleton in traditional Asian medicines. (WWF)

What does this foundation do?

The Lion Foundation was established to support public benefit goals and projects related to the care and shelter of predators and the rehabilitation of predators to their original habitat. The foundation is not for profit. The foundation is based on a sense of responsibility to fulfill our mission of good stewardship for people, animals and the world. The foundation wants to contribute to this by concretely and specifically standing up for the interests of feline predators. Tigers, lions and other feline predators are critically endangered worldwide. For the group of animals from circuses and zoos, there is a lack of proper care for a well-deserved good 'old age' and in general there is a lack of responsible return options to the wild nature or large parks in the countries of origin.

Burden of proof

Donation Q4 2023

Thank you for the past year on behalf of us and the Lion Foundation. We will continue to support every purchase and review.