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How does Astari work

Once you receive your wearable, you can connect your bank via the mobile app within five minutes. All you have to do is tap the wearable on the back of the mobile phone, add your bank account and you are free to make contactless payments, it's that simple.

What is NFC / an NFC tag / an NFC chip

NFC (Near Field Communication) allows you to exchange contactless data safely and quickly. NFC is comparable to Bluetooth, but the range is less. Thanks to NFC, you can pay contactless or easily share your contact details. Good to know is that Astari products have passive NFC chips, so they do not emit radiation and can only be read.

How do I make payments with an Astari NFC wearable?

The payment works in the same way as contactless payment with your payment card. Hold your wearable close to the payment terminal to make contactless payments. These payments are debited from your account linked to the wearable, just like payments with the debit card.

Is it safe?

Yes, the chips we use are fully certified (EAL 6+, EMVCo, Visa, Mastercard, etc.), support NFC (ISO 14443), ISO 7816, I2C and are compatible with Mifare.

Can I (temporarily) block my wearable?

If your wearable is lost or stolen, you can (temporarily) block it via the mobile app.

Can I track my wearable if I lose it?

Because our wearables are passive, which provides an extra level of security against scammers, tracking is not possible. If the wearable is lost, it can quickly be blocked via the app and possibly reordered.

Is wearing an Astari NFC wearable harmful to my health?

Wearing the wearable/chip does not generate radiation or vibrations that can affect your body. This is because Astari wearables use passive NFC technology, unlike smartwatches, wireless earphones and phones.

Active NFC readers such as payment terminals and telephones read the passive transponders (the Astari wearables). The Astari wearables do not generate a return signal themselves and therefore do not pose a risk to your health.

How does an NFC reader work

There is an active NFC chip in an ATM. This chip can communicate with other NFC chips, such as the ones in your phone or wearable. The NFC tag in the ATM transmits a certain task via radio waves. You can then pick up these waves with the antenna of the NFC tag in your wearable. Certain tasks can be sent along with these radio waves. The task is captured and can be executed immediately. The radio waves can bridge a maximum of 10 centimeters. Thanks to the limited distance, the technology is very suitable for payments and sharing your contact information.

What if new functionality is added?

When we add new functionalities to the wearables, you do not have to buy a new one again. As soon as we have implemented this, it will be available in the app, so you can simply update your current Astari wearable with the latest functionalities. Do you want to stay informed of developments? Then follow us on one of our socials or sign up at the bottom of the page for our emails. Don't worry, we don't send you a newsletter every week.

Where are payments accepted?

Wherever you can now pay contactless, you can now pay with the wearable.

How do I link my wearable to my payment card?

What is tokenisation?

To enable the payment functionality, a secure digital copy of your payment card – 'token' – is made and placed on your wearable. This is also completely safe and is supported by the payment providers to guarantee this.

Is my phone suitable for setting up the wearable?

The wearable is compatible with any smartphone that has NFC functionality. All functions are performed via the telephone application, but you set this up once, after which the telephone is no longer needed.

All phones from the list below are compatible with our wearables:

iPhone 6 and newer (2014 +)
Samsung Nexus S and newer (2010+)
Google Nexus S (2010+)
Huawei (P60 pro, Mate X3, Mate 50 pro)
Nokia (G300, G50, X20)

Shipping and Returns

Ask and answer shipping and returns questions

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What is the shipping time?

Free Shipping in Europe!

Netherlands/Belgium : Delivery the next working day - If ordered before 3:00 PM

Germany : 1-3 working days

Rest of Europe : 2-5 working days

Rest of the world : 6-10 business days

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs of your order are almost always covered by us.

Can I return my product?

For all our products you have a 14 day right to return for a full refund or exchange for another product. In all cases, products must be in new condition, unworn and in the original packaging. For more information, see our returns policy here .

How do I return my product?

If you wish to return a product, please send an email to within 14 days of receipt. You will then receive a returns form from us.

Do I have to pay shipping costs for a return?

Yes. If you want to return a product, the shipping costs are for your own account. However, in the event of a defect or incorrectly delivered order, we will reimburse the shipping costs up to an amount of EUR 10.

I have entered the wrong shipping address

Very annoying, but this can happen to anyone. Please contact us immediately, stating your order number and the correct address. If the order has not yet been shipped, we will resolve this for you immediately. However, if the package has already been sent, we may not be able to help. Therefore, please contact us as soon as possible.

When can I expect my refund?

We will refund the outstanding amount within 5 working days after completing the return form and receiving the product.


Questions and answers to warranty questions

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How long is the warranty on an Astari product?

To ensure the reliability and longevity of our products, Astari subjects each product to a series of rigorous tests. All our products have a minimum warranty of 1 year after purchasing the product.

What is covered by the Astari warranty?

Astari guarantees the proper functioning of its products for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The Astari warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, i.e. wear and tear of non-metallic bracelets, watch straps or other leather products, loss, theft or damage resulting from improper use.