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Payment Keychain | Achilles Gold Edition

Payment Keychain | Achilles Gold Edition

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  • Certified Payments
  • 30 Days Return Policy
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Color: Black
Material: Apple leather
Length: 6cm / 8cm including ring
Width: 2cm
Ring: Gold Stainless Steel
Scanning Range: Approx. 3cm
Waterproof: Yes
Warranty: 3 years


With the wallet app Curve you can connect 1 or multiple Mastercard, Visa or Discover debit and credit cards and link them to the wearable. If you do not have a Curve wallet account yet, do not worry, you can set this up for free. You do not have to do this now, our included manual will guide you though this process as well. Some banks can be linked directly as well, you can find these banks here.


Free shipping in Europe!

Netherlands/Belgium: Next working day delivery - If ordered before 16:00

Rest of Europe: 2-7 business days

Rest of the world: 6-10 business days

A tracking number will be sent via email after the order has been processed.

It is a mailbox package, so you do not have to be at home for the delivery.

We offer a 30-day return or exchange policy if you are not able to set up the wearable succesfully, or are not satisfied with your order for any reason. For more information, please see our return policy here.

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Contactless Payments


With our wearables your contactless payment methode is always on hand! It allows you to leave your wallet, purse, and phone at home, while still having the ability to pay for your essentials. Furthermore it doubles as your digital business card/ personal information card, while you can set this up as well and share the info you want. 

Secure payments


Our wearables use the same NFC technology found in your bank cards, therefore you can be confident that your transactions are fast, secure, and reliable. So you can make quick and seamless transactions by placing your hand over a payment terminal wherever contactless is accepted. Without showing your personal information on your card or phone to other people. 



Because our wearables use passive technology you never ever have to charge the keychain and can wear it 24/7. This also means that is does not emit any radiation while you are not using it. 



Our key chains are made from high quality sustainable apple skin leather and water resistant. This means it is able to withstand daily wear and tear, without breaking. 



With our app you will be able to set your wearable up and adjust your (payment) information whenever you want to. The app allows you to (temporary) freeze the wearable as well if you ever lose it. 




With every purchase, Astari donates an amount to the Lion Foundation. With every review, Astari doubles the amount to the Lion Foundation on your behalf. Do you also want to contribute? Write a review!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to charge the wearable?

Because Astari uses analog technology, you never need to charge the wearable and are always ready to use it. Even if your phone's battery is dead.

Do I need to have my phone nearby to pay?

No, you don't need a phone nearby to pay. After setting it up once, you can now make payments using just the wearable! (and PIN)

Is it safe?

Astari wearables are certified by Mastercard and are therefore subject to the highest security standards for international payment transactions. It works in the same way as contactless payment with a 'regular' debit card. If necessary, you can easily (temporarily) block the wearable in the Manage MII app.

How do I choose the right payment card when I link several cards?

To link multiple cards, use the free wallet app Curve (see our setup page). You select a default card in the Curve app, and if you want to use a different card, you can select it before you pay, or you can transfer the payment to another account afterwards. You can set up rules in the Curve app to make sure your payments go to the right card without having to choose. For example, groceries from card A, and anything above 200 EUR from card B.

How long does it take to set up?

Setting up your wearable is easy and takes up to 5 minutes. If you are looking for the detailed explanation, click here.

Are ASTARI Wearables Water Resistant?

Our wearables are water-resistant and the functionality will not be damaged by water. However, for the leather products, the leather is a natural product, so for the longevity and appearance of the wearable, it is advisable to avoid water where possible.

Can I use both contactless payment and the business card at the same time?

Yes, a phone will automatically choose the business card and the payment terminal will read your debit card. So you don't have to choose for yourself.

What is my warranty?

To ensure the reliability and longevity of our products, Astari subjects each product to a series of rigorous tests. All our products come with a minimum warranty of 3 years after purchase of the product.

Are the wearables sustainable?

Our leather wearables are made of sustainable apple leather. This leather performs better in all conditions and is also more sustainable, win win! Our rings are made of sustainable ceramics, which is very scratch resistant as well.

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